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Many people are wondering what is going on with the Guru Nanak devotional following in Rishikesh, India. There have been rumours and speculations that Guru Nanak’s spiritual powers are diminishing and that Rishikesh has become a haven for spiritual tourists. But Rishikesh is a beautiful place and perfect for spiritual tourists who want to experience the beauty of Lord Krishna and His divine essence.

Many spiritual tourists are visiting Rishikesh. Most of these people come to this place just for the unparalleled peace and spirituality that the city offers. Many tourists are even thinking of becoming a renunciate of the Hindu religion. That is because they feel the presence of the spiritual powers in Rishikesh. They try to get inspired and join the order of the Gurus.

The government of Rishikesh is aware of this trend and has taken steps to prevent such phenomena. Hence, the government has banned all gatherings that aim to restrict the spiritual powers and suppress the true nature of Lord Krishna and His spiritualism. Any tourist found participating in any such activities will be arrested, and on conviction, they will be handed over to the religious authorities. If caught in the act, one will spend the next seven years in jail. However, some positive developments and some tourists are still able to enjoy the true nature of spiritualism in Rishikesh.

One such group of people is Bhaisajyas, who are followers of Guru Nanak. They can visit guru Nanak’s house and perform the rituals, but they are not supposed to interfere with the guru’s work. Bhaisajyas follow a code of discipline like other visitors to the guru temple. Some of them might be allowed to take photographs of the guru, but it is strictly prohibited to touch or sit on guru Nanak’s photo.

There are many sites about guru Nanak that exist, and these sites result from efforts to spread the word about the true philosophy and method of the guru. Bhaisajyas are also not allowed to touch guru Nanak or sit on his photo, but they can watch him perform his rituals. They are also told that they can bring a gift to him whenever he wants or if he wants to make changes in his life. However, these activities are only allowed during the day, and they are not supposed to disturb the regular activities at Guru Nanak’s house. People should be aware of such limitations because violation of the guru’s teachings may lead to trouble for the follower.

Many people believe that Rishikesh is the best place to learn about the true philosophy and method of the guru. They should know that such a claim is entirely false. The truth is that nobody can master guru Nanak or attend to his every wish. It is only the guru who can do so since he has power over the energy and mind of the human being.

There are indeed many people who have faith in guru Nanak and try to follow his every order. However, such people should realize that they have been duped by some people who want to make them leaders. Such leaders do not allow people to practice the yogic lifestyle according to their wish. Instead, they force people to change themselves according to their own will. Such practices are against the core philosophy of yoga.

On the other hand, people who understand this should keep in mind that the guru is always looking out for trustworthy people. He knows that true success depends on his followers. If they are successful, then he is successful. If they are not successful, then he is not successful. Therefore, he cannot encourage others to practice certain kinds of lifestyle.

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